This is Not a Holiday’ took place in October 2018 at Hardwick Gallery Cheltenham. Taking its name from the opening line of the Retreat invite, the starting point for gathering artists for each annual workshop. The exhibition presented artworks from participants of the 2018 workshop, including Flora Wellesley Wesley, Hannah Clark, Indianna Solnick-Farrell, Alice Gale-Feeny, Kevin Hunt, Sam Mercer, Rachel Busby, Eleanor Sikorski, Sooyon Kim, Polly Elizabeth Baker, James Hankey, Rowan Lear and Alex Noble. 

For the exhibition, I also invited previous attendees from the project’s 10-year history to make poster works that included the word ’Retreat’. They were produced by Hamish MacPherson, Anna Bunting-Branch, Henry Bradley, Richard Whitby, Jamie George, Joanne Masding, Kate Lepper, Phoebe Davies, Llew Watkins, Nicole Edey, Isobel Dunhill, Zoë Anspach, Tom Down and Michael Whitby. 

The exhibition was also accompanied by a symposium on the theme of workshopping, retreating and self-organisation. This involved presentations from Rowan Lear and Hannah Clark, a performance by Alice Gale-Feeny and a workshop on consensus decision-making.